Sonder School of Music provides modern, holistic and professional music education in central Queens.



Sonder School of Music offers eclectic programs ranging from private lessons to group classes/ensemble coaching for ages 3 to adult in piano, strings (violin/viola/cello/bass), acoustic/electric guitar, flute, saxophone, clarinet, drums, voice, ukulele, theory, composition, general music appreciation and history, harp, recording/production and more. We also provide assistance in preparing for auditions, competitions, All-State band or other events and exams such as NYSSMA, MTNA, RCM, ABRSM, college entrance tests, etc. In addition, we organize faculty and student recitals every June, October and December as well as an annual March outing.


Sonder Private (SP) Lessons
Piano, string instruments (violin/viola/cello/double bass), electric bass, electric bass, acoustic/electric guitar, woodwinds (clarinet, flute, alto sax), voice, ukulele and more. This is our most popular program and it’s available for all levels. We cover repertoire ranging from Baroque, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Broadway, Pop, all the way to experimental and contemporary. Every first time SP student will receive an interview where we will assess and craft a plan for individual study and lesson duration.
SP students have the opportunity to:

  • Perform in three concerts each year and attend the school trip
  • Be invited to special concerts and projects upon recommendation of their teacher
  • Complimentary practice room access 1 hour before and after their lesson


*PLEASE NOTE: All group classes require a minimum of 2 students to run. Please inquire about the class you are interested in; if it’s not currently running, your name will be added to a list and the class will commence once 1 other student is ready to enroll. All group class require, after 1 trial class, a 1+ month required commitment from each student to preserve the class’ integrity and ensure the best learning outcomes for all.

Sonder Small Group Lessons
For 2-3 people – small group lessons for stringed instruments (violin/guitar/bass/cello/viola/piano/ukulele), flute, saxophone, woodwinds, voice and more. Great for beginners who want to try out new instruments with a couple friends!

Sonder CATS program for aspiring composers
These are lessons for creative cats on Composing, Arranging, Transcribing and Songwriting. Whether you are new or experienced, musical ideas, voice leading techniques, parts writing, composing software operations will be taught by professionals who will guide you to become a proficient composer. New students will have a few pieces of original music written by course’s end.

Introduction to Music
We recommend this course for students who are interested in music but unsure where to begin, especially for those who are preparing to or interested in taking instrumental lessons in the future. This class will provide them with a fundamental musical understanding and perspective. We will cover a brief history of music and discuss key ideas in the evolution of composers, performers, instruments and style/genres. We provide listening examples and demonstrations where students will be introduced to various instruments and their respective sounds. In addition, we offer a beginner’s history of performance practice. Students will gain insight and new understanding of the repertoire, composers and general performance practices throughout the history of music up to today.

Sonder Ensembles
We value highly Intra-Peer Collaborations, understanding that music is a social art and that your peers can be your best band mates. Thus we try to promote chamber music, cross-genre and multimedia performances at our school whether it be through a chamber music group for 2-8 instruments, a rock/pop band or an acapella group. Students will receive coaching on essential chamber music skills, how to listen, what to listen for and how to collaborate with other players as a team. This is a very fun and rewarding experience coached by one of our professional faculty members. We suggest that students form an ensemble once they have achieved at least an intermediate level in their chosen instrument or voice.

Theory, Ear Training & Musicianship
This class is designed to broaden students’ musical knowledge, polish their listening/aural skills, develop a basic understanding of elementary music theory, and read jazz/rock/pop chord charts, etc. which can in turn enhance their instrumental performance.

JamCircle Improvisation
This is a judgment free sound lab and a great way to meet new friends and play music with others. It doesn’t matter if you play classical or jazz, rock or pop – music is a universal language we all can jam on. We will introduce improvisation techniques and games that students can play together. The only requirement is to be creative and open. We provide instructions and guidelines for those who have no idea how to improvise, but ultimately there are no rules; it is all about learning through experimentation.

Rhythmic Mixed Vocal Art Seminar
This is taught either privately or in a small group setting. Students will be exposed to different vocal techniques, while learning and training all types of rhythms and rudiments with their entire respiratory system. They will also learn about many exotic vocal styles and performance techniques. We will teach students about overtone singing, konnakkol, scat singing, and even advanced beatboxing techniques to name a few. Students will not view their voice the same way again!

We offer periodic instrumental masterclasses taught by some of the most distinguished players in NYC and beyond. This is a very valuable and integral learning opportunity for any student. Admission is discounted at only $15 for all current students and $50 for non-students.