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Art Class

Creative Art & Drawing

Thursdays 4-5:30pm (class) / private lessons by appointment

A carefully crafted small group class teaching information about art that is translated and sequenced to assist and enrich youth’s cognitive, emotional, social and cultural growth and development. This is a hands-on methods and materials course that develops basic art skills for groups of 2-3 students. Based on cumulative learning experience in visual art and interdisciplinary tasks, students will develop strategies and procedures for art making such as drawing, sculpting, print making, photo/movie making and other forms of multi-media art making.

Students will be exposed to various art forms, materials, techniques and ideas derived from multicultural and contemporary subjects and artists. The course focuses on material explorations in relation to art history and theory, as well as other disciplines. Students will be introduced to various art making techniques, explore materials and processes, and generate artworks that are connected to the Common Core, New York State Standards, and New York City Blueprint for the Arts. Each student will take stewardship of a weekly theme of their choice and complete a short presentation. There will also be a portfolio presentation, critique, assessment and discussion of lesson plans and portfolios.

Students will develop knowledge of various materials, processes and methods. They will also photograph their own art making process, reflect on learning progress, and provide feedback on other students’ work, using personal blog posts or the G+ community. Students will develop visual literacy and analytical skills through art image based discussions, which will then be applied to self-assessment. Students will also expand knowledge of multicultural, global, and contemporary issues, and expand their visual vocabulary.‚Äč

Luna F. is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, and has been classically trained in art since high school. Hailing from Brooklyn, Luna attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School as a visual art major, and as a senior, won the Construction Industry Round Table national design and construction award in 2020. Their original artwork has been featured throughout NYC, recently at the prestigious MoCCA Festival. They are excited to teach the next generation of young artists!