Sonder School of Music provides modern, holistic and professional music education in central Queens.



Sonder School of Music was founded in 2014 by Juilliard alumni passionate about reimagining the future of music education. Our high caliber faculty members are meticulously selected to not only teach, but to mentor, motivate and inspire our students to fulfill their fullest potential in a fun, engaging and creative environment. We strive to provide holistic and individually tailored training that fits the ever-evolving music world. We are open to students of all ages, from elementary through advanced levels. Students at Sonder will not only learn to play their instruments – they will experience the most positive and supportive team of people who are dedicated to enriching their musicality and fostering intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking with a teamwork spirit.

FOUNDER’S MISSION STATEMENT: “I think that it’s important for musicians in this age to be open to all styles and genres in terms of both diversifying one’s repertoire and enriching their musical experience. It is often through collaborations and exchange of ideas that one finds and creates meaning, potentially inspiring and galvanizing new movements in the musical world. Sonder is about providing a judgment free safe haven for aspiring musicians to continuously venture out of their comfort zone for growth. Sonderers are not afraid to make mistakes; we know it’s never about not making mistakes, but rather how to make the right ones and embrace them for better improvement.

Sonder School of Music was inspired by the idea that everyone is on their own unique and complex journey, a realization that inspires profound respect, understanding and an appreciation and awe of the beauty of life. In a sense, Sonder tries to capture these moments of humble realization through music, as we learn to appreciate and give respect to each individual artist, listen to the waves of each individual story unfolding through time, so we can become more genuinely connected. Sonderers will learn to not only listen critically, but more importantly, to listen more receptively and empathetically to each other and ourselves. The idea is to turn the cacophony of opinions around us into a symphony of ideas. My hope is to help students discover and cultivate their passion, and to instill a positive fervent attitude that is conducive to success, so that they will apply that philosophy and positivity to their other endeavors in life.”  – Man Wai Che

What is Sonder?

We believe everyone has a unique story.  Let us help you express yours through sound.